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Our Philosophy

Sacred Essences is an ethical ‘green’ brand that uses natural and organic materials and ingredients. We create beautiful, harmonious products that resonate with the cycles of Mother Earth, the Sun and the Moon and the elements of nature.

Why Choose Us?

Here at Sacred Essences we believe that everything we consume and use in our daily lives has an energetic impact on our health and emotional, mental and spiritual well being. As such it’s important to us to create products that resonate with love, beauty and wellness.

Natural & Organic
We believe in clean and healthy living, so our divine elixir products don’t contain any harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates or synthetic fragrances. We take great care to only use naturally based emulsifiers and preservatives to maintain the integrity of our products.
We believe in supporting and nurturing Mother Earth. So we make a conscious effort towards minimizing waste . We’ve made a commitment to ensure that we are as green as possible by not using unnecessary and extravagant packaging. So expect your product to arrive in recycled packaging!
Hand Made
Our divine elixirs are not tested on animals (except humans!) and are handcrafted in a in small batches with love, care, energising crystals and mantra music. We bring the natural, human and divine elements into our production process.
Wholistic Approach
The Sacred Essences production process creates products that resonate with the harmony of nature. This includes the use natural and organic ingredients supported by an uplifting production environment where we infuse positive vibrations into all the products we create.
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Blackheath NSW
02 9327 3888

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